Astari Nite: All Else is a Curse

All Else is a Curse is the first example unveiled off the coming new album by Astari Nite, the awaited successor to Here Lies which is due out later in 2021.

For the new track the band's frontman, Mychael, sought inspiration from sources which at first glance may appear disparate from his dark persona and his band's gothic sound and aesthetics, still, Astari Nite managed to come up with something fitting to their caliber, and at the same time far-reaching and indicative of a different emotional scheme.

Often, I would slide away in thought during these times only to be reminded of voices I might never hear again,” Mychael remarks about creating in quarantine, while citing ABBA, Bowie, and Yazoo among the acts to which he was listening at the time.

“I fell in love with a lot of laughter and simple conversing during these engagements,” he says. “As melancholy as I may appear, I am carelessly smiling deep inside. The more I dwell on who or what moment in time this song is about, I like to believe that sadness is an art form and as cliché as it may sound, it meant everything to me.

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