Absolute Valentine: Flesh of Fallen Angels

Synthwave master and founder of the leading genre label, Lazerdiscs Records, Absolute Valentine, has just returned with the release of American Nightmares, a concept album themed on the dark side of the universe, and the upturned idea of the American Dream.

The album's tracks follow a dark narrative consummated and actualized through a heavy style of production which augments its cyberpunk aesthetics. Ambitious and grandiose retrowave and neo-disco passageways draw vital force from warped synths and tense drum machines in an overall typical example of instrumental artisanship.

A tracker of new talent, Absolute Valentine has included in the album a triplet of remixes produced by fresh acts, Bloodpanic, Billy Mays Band, and Rogue VHS.

Flesh of Fallen Angels brings the album's nine-track total to a hefty and rather moody conclusion.


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