The Soods: Symbiotic Mono Band

Symbiotic Mono Band is the brand new track by Michigan power pop/post punk band, The Soods, part of the Winter 2021 Compilation by Z Tapes, a massive 32-track digital-only release whose profits will benefit Vagus, an organization which helps people affected by homelessness, especially during Winter.

On par with the band's indie rock vibrancy, and through an airtight course concerning their instrumentation and production, Symbiotic Mono Band effortlessly brings to mind the guitar-driven new wave arete of greats like Echo & The Bunnymen and Simple Minds.

Led by main songwriter, Jason Roy, The Soods are responsible for a great number of releases thus far which manifest their range and their competency at harnessing pivotal parts from their influences quite neatly.

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