Wildfires: I'm Alive

Austin's Wildfires release a second single off their coming self-titled album which is set for a January 2021 release. The melancholic shoegaze of the previous single, Belongs to the Night, is now followed with the Americana-bent psychedelic rocker, I’m Alive, which also comes in a rather wistful tone.

"Back in December of 2018, I rented a small house on the Texas coast to spend a few days writing songs alone with my dog. I wrote two songs there," reveals Wildfires' Gabe Baldwin. "The first was a bit of a sad song. It was about a sad thing that had happened in my life recently. I had already had some of that song figured out, and wanted to get it finished on the trip, which I did fairly quickly. It was sad, but I was feeling much more hopeful and grateful in the moment. It was rare for me to get so much introspective time, and the off-season beach town was so serene. I ended up writing I’m Alive in the proceeding days. It’s about taking a minute to realize you’re living now. It’s so easy to take for granted. When I’m Alive was introduced to the rest of the band, we ended up completing the song that first night. We usually chip away at a song over a few weeks or more. But this song seemed to, in a way, have written itself. We just pulled it out of the air."

I'm Alive is paired to a new video directed and edited by Evan Papadakis.

Band photo courtesy of Ruin Agency

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