Shattered Faith: Right Is Right

Italy's Radiation Records reissues the early recordings of SoCal punks, Shattered Faith, one of the veterans of the scene in the late seventies, and a celebrated act among the surfing and skateboarding communities.

The new release includes the tracks from the classic seven-inch, I Love America / Ronald Reagan, from 1981, their sessions from the legendary California-based label, Posh Boy Records, and the entirety of their 1979 demos in a new edition remastered by the legendary producer, Geza X, who has also worked with punk icons like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and many more.

Right Is Right comes straight from the Posh Boy sessions, and presents Shattered Faith's punk rock genuineness and radicality in all its grit and glory.

 I Love America 1979-1981 Recordings is out on a limited run of 500 LPs through Radiation Records.



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