LUMER: The Sheets

Since 2017 we've been following the direct post punk of Yorkshire quartet, LUMER, whose musical evolution is quite evident on their new single, The Sheets, while the band's sound appears still faithful to the dark and goth-bent punk rock of their earlier days.

The new single introduces LUMER's coming EP, Disappearing Act, which arrives on January 29th, 2021.

The Sheets finds the band's production quality at their most sharp and artful yet, while thematically it comes forth like an ardent contrast of intense and disparate feelings, easily achieving the band's aim as described by their vocalist.

"The entire writing process felt incredibly easy," singer Alex Evans comments. "It takes, whoever can be bothered to listen, down a bitter road of different experiences and what we despise in the world. It talks of love, hate, hope and death, and ultimately the personal things that affects the majority of people’s lives."

The Sheets comes with a video filmed by Matt Molson at the band's hometown in Hull, Yorkshire.

LUMER are Alex Evans (vocals), William Evans (drums), Benjamin Jackson (guitars) and Benjamin Morrod (bass guitar).


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