Robot Koch: Kassel (Rework)

A work of many dimensions which can also be open to various interpretations, Robot Koch's latest album, The Next Billion Years, has gotten the rework treatment, and becomes all reinterpreted by different artists, like Hugar, singer Dehlia de France, producer Alek Fin, and more.

Koch himself reworks Kassel, the canonical album's closing track which now becomes the opening piece to the new version of the album. Koch's new rendition takes an even more minimal and classical-leaning direction, and seems to be unlocking more of the album's depth, laying out its limitless musical ambition.

"It's a heartfelt homage to the city, where I grew up," Koch describes. "This song feels a warm blanket, slightly melancholic and has a sense of nostalgia and homecoming. On a bigger picture, it is also a song about Earth being our collective home that cares for us and that we should care for as well."

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