2020 End Of Year Lists: Comedy Albums and Specials

Dark year 2020 required comedy as one of the main means for emotional cleansing and catharsis. D//E's 10 comedy specials and albums of the year document much of the frustration, and at the same time provide quality entertainment and challenge perspectives.

Four of the list's entries are on Netflix, two come from the up and coming Comedy Dynamics, one is on Comedy Central, one is on Youtube, while we also have two albums in the mix; one on 800 Pound Gorilla Records, and one on the metal label Megaforce Records.

10. Tom Papa: You're Doing Great

Stand up veteran Tom Papa verges on the more optimistic aspect of stand up, and is an all around organically funny human being. His latest special, filmed at his home place in New Jersey, demonstrates his expertise, and how organic and comfortable he can be at his craft.

9. Sam Morril: I Got This

A possibly rising to household name status comedian, Sam Morril, self-produced his new standup special, showcasing that he can be as good at his delivery as he is as a joke and story writer. 

8. Mark Normand: Out To Lunch

Although Mark Normand's third special wasn't released by any of the big comedy outlets, it doesn't mean that it doesn't present some of the emergent comedian's punchiest material, consistently observational and easy to follow.

7. Brian Posehn: Grandpa Metal

Brian Posehn elevates his proclaimed love for heavy metal music and its culture through an album packed with contributions from celebrated musicians, and featuring songs written by the comedian himself.

6. Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill

In his first comedy special featuring all new material in over 30 years (after 1987’s Stand Up Confidential), Jerry Seinfeld is the classic standup comedian many people love (and do impressions of), notably invigorated and still appearing fresh and relevant at age 66.

5. Maria Bamford: Weakness is the Brand

Quirky comedian Maria Bamford specializes on mental health issues, and uses her own grievances with depression in an astute and creative manner, coming up with heartfelt comedy which bears the stigma of life's blunt reality.

4. Jim Jefferies: Intolerant

Like all of Jim Jefferies' specials, Intolerant is an observational, and overall funny piece of smart comedy which may feel a little safer than the material that made him stand out, but is still miles above average, and can cut deeper than the hour-long engagement.

3. Kyle Kinane: Trampoline in a Ditch

Kyle Kinane's new, very full 90+ minute long album, features some of his more matured and overall greatest material thus far, and exhibits his excellent storytelling skills through stories which can be downright compelling, and a good reason to use the otherwise weird word, unputdownable.

2. Moshe Kasher: Crowd Surfing Volume One

Like the title suggests, Crowd Surfing finds the always bright Moshe Kasher working the crowd and being funny on the spot, and the result is very much sharp-witted and gut-busting. 

1. Marc Maron: End Times Fun

It's almost uncanny how Marc Maron caught the spirit of 2020 so accurately in a special filmed and released before the lockdowns occurred. End Times Fun offers strong philosophical viewpoints on every day matters while being piercingly sarcastic, and even predicted how Trump wouldn't want to go after losing the election. It's an easy pick for the year's finest standup comedy coming from a "mid-level celebrity" who can write, deliver and immerse his audience in a natural way.


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