Swine Tax: Relax

Relax, the brand new single by Newcastle quartet, Swine Tax, finds them collaborating with Barry Hyde of The Futureheads who approached the band in order to to produce their music in the studio, after seeing their live performance at Sunderland last year.

Relax is an ode to Newcastle’s primal club scene,” Swine Tax say about the new single. “It’s like a warped dance track, combining a speaker-shaking beat with a bittersweet pop chorus. It’s the intoxicated internal monologue of a big night out - the dancing, flirting, chest-crushing bass, rushes of blood, heightened senses, cutting loose and coming undone.

Describing a night out, although the new song's concept is very much pragmatic and direct, it seems a little out of reach at the moment given the pandemic and the constraints which come with it. Swine Tax's consistency is also a given, as the band keep achieving breakthroughs and setting milestones with each new release. With the synths more prominent this time around, Relax, offers more of the same post punk agitation which has made Swine Tax a bright and noticeable act since their emergence.

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