Collapse Under The Empire: Red Rain

Post rock stalwarts, Collapse Under The Empire, return with their new full length, Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us, their eighth in total. The album comes out on November 20th, 2020, and it's introduced with the very much dynamic, Red Rain.

The four and a half-minute instrumental finds the experienced band taking a darker approach to their already moody, ponderous and consistently heavy post rock sound, emerging instrumentally dense and conceptually livid and agitated. As a band who have always been thematically drawn to dystopian ideas, Collapse Under The Empire sound right at home and more topical than ever in the wake of the global pandemic and the crises which ensued.

On the new album the duo collaborate for the first time ever with their fellow German producer, Toma Moon, and their impeccably sharp sound is fully elaborated and magnified as the pretty intense, Red Rain, denotes.

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