Hamburger: All Hail Zebulon!

Bristol, UK indie pop six-piece, Hamburger, recently introduced their upcoming debut EP, Teenage Terrified, with the bittersweet first single, Supersad, which they now follow with All Hail Zebulon!, another sentimental and existentially conscious track about a teenager who turns to alien life to discover the friendship they haven't found on earth.

"Every night I sit up in the attic room and watch the skies," says the song's character through words written by vocalist Fearghall. "The radio whines and splutters as I add my final adjustments. I am tuning in on you. Yesterday, Sarah Winkleman laughed at me in science class when Billy Mordstrom pulled down my pants. Dad said I should’a kicked his ass. I know you’re out there on some cold and lonely planet. I’m down here on one too. I hope that when we find each other we can show them what it’s like to be this weak."  

More slacker rock-bent than the previous single but still carrying that lo-fi grace also found in some of Hamburger's main influences like Elliott Smith and Alex G, Zebulon shows how far the band is willing go for their subjects in order to get their point across, and how much of an open-minded and unbounded band they can be within indie pop's confines.

Teenage Terrified arrives December 11th, 2020 on Specialist Subject Records.


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