Sister: Primal Rage

Champions of the Swedish hard rock and metal scene, Sister, are readying the release of their fourth studio album, Vengeance Ignited, and from everything that has surfaced off it thus far, it looks like the band has put a lot of soul and energy into their new endeavors.

The coming full length is once again produced by the band's previous collaborator, Jona Tee, who is also responsible for Sister's previous LP, Stand Up, Forward, March!, from 2016. 

"After three studio albums on Metal Blade Records and some changes in the Sister lineup, we felt it was time to try something new," the band explain, as they're working with Flick Agency for the release of their new album.

Latest single, Primal Rage, finds Sister at their most savage to date, taking a full on punk metal direction, and sounding denser and acuter than ever.

"Primal Rage is the heavyweight track of the album," they describe. "Primal Rage unleashes it all and shows off one of the bands most brutal songs to this date."

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