Hypoluxo: Night Life

Hypoluxo's almost discarded third album has already produced a few singles all of which show the band's tongue in cheek approach to songwriting. The latest piece off the coming LP3, Night Life, finds them at their catchiest mode, exhibiting a Talking Heads-like poise, a an almost cynical delivery, and some very much memorable guitar lines and riffs, projecting Hypoluxo's acute post punk sound through a more accessible point of view.

Night Life comes with an alcohol-infused, dizzying video by Molly Valdez and Judson Valdez.

"Moving to a new city can be overwhelming," says vocalist and guitarist, Samuel Cogen. "You have expectations, hopes and aspirations, but things rarely work out the way you’d like. Moving to Brooklyn was a dream for me. I’ve known many people that have moved to New York and quickly left because it was too hard for them, and it can be really hard here. In the end, this city, or any city, is what you make of it. Night life is about pushing yourself to get out there and get what you want."

Cogen closes his description of Night Life with a quote from Jack Nicholson''s character in The Departed: "No one will give it to you, you have to take it."

Hypoluxo's self-titled third album comes out through Terrible Records’ Flexible on November 20th, 2020.

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