Poisoned Hestia: Freaks

Although Poisoned Hestia didn't release their original material in an exactly timely way, the band can be easily consider a veteran act in the underground gothic rock scene. The band started in 1991 as 13th Floor, and had a good run primarily as a solid live act until 1995 when they disbanded. Last year Poisoned Hestia reformed and released their debut album, Subtle Seduction, followed by an ongoing set of singles in 2020 which comprise The Horror Series

Freaks is the second and latest entry in the band's new series of singles, a sharply produced hard rocker which draws from gothic rock, metal, post punk and industrial sounds, in the vein of Type O Negative, Paradise Lost and Sisters Of Mercy. The darkly pungent song comes paired to a very creative, horror-themed video of grotesque visuals which go very well with the intensity of the band's performance.

Many years after their inception, Poisoned Hestia still sound relevant and potent, and their new material seems to be following the genre's tropes without ending up sounding neither stale nor platitudinous.

Poisoned Hestia are Oliver Lynch (vocals, programming), Jimmy Doyle (lead guitar, bass) and Vince D. Will (rhythm guitar).

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