Sicayda: Deeper In

A little over a year after their very promising first EP, Sown, and the heavier standalone single, Caught in the Rain, which they released in early 2020, Toronto shoegazers, Sicayda, return with something that presents the band's darker colors, and a completely fresh approach to their songwriting.

New track, Deeper In, introduces Sicayda's upcoming self-titled EP, and although it preserves the band's tendency toward clear-cut melodiousness, it undeniably slants at shoegaze's grungier, grittier and heftier side, combining the fragility and the resoluteness of their sound.

Like before, Sicayda appear very much convincing and impressive at the instrumental front, while their sound appears notably enhanced by the mastery of Alex Gamble and Dan Weston who produced and mastered the new track respectively.

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