Robot Koch & Viktor Orri Árnason: Stars As Eyes (Hugar Rework)

Two of atmospheric music's currently finest contributors join forces for a wonderful collaborative piece which exhibits both acts' vision and many compositional and production strengths. Hugar and Robot Koch are both fresh from releasing very strong new albums, with the Icelandic duo providing one of 2020's most imposing film-related music, while the German composer has recently put out The Next Billion Years, an impressive record centered on a mysterious recording by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

In its original version Stars As Eyes is part of Koch's compelling album, and Hugar have just come up with a serene and engaging rework of the composition, turning the focus toward a more classical and ambient direction, less textured, and a little more delicate than Koch's first take.

Delhia de France and producer Alek Fin have previously released remixes of tracks from The Next Billion Years, which has been a very ambitious project as a whole, and keeps on producing captivating pieces of music months after its initial release.

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