With the project's fifth single just in, darkwave act DARK announce their signing to Germany's Young and Cold Records, and the release of a debut mini album which will be out on tape before the end of 2020, followed by the a debut full length due out Summer 2021. 

GOTHIC LOVE takes a bit of a slower approach, and its power is founded on DARK's totally imposing, deep vocals and rich instrumentals, all meant as the artist's declaration of admiration for the gothic customs and lifestyle.

"GOTHIC LOVE is a symbolic expression of my feelings towards the gothic culture," DARK admits. "Its empathetic, inclusive, and open-minded values don't cease to inspire me. Way beyond my music. So with my 5th single, I would like to express a bit of my admiration and gratitude for the gothic scene worldwide. That's what this song means for me."

The song's accompanying video is composed of footage recorded by and starring goth model, Aleera de Lune.

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