Fascinations Grand Chorus: Camp Blood

Where bubblegum pop meets with classic horror aesthetics, Jersey City's Fascinations Grand Chorus emerge with a new album, expected to come out gradually in three acts, building the suspense in a customarily for the genre manner. The first part of Terror in the Night releases on November 6th, 2020, as acts two and three will come out in early 2021.

The first example off the band's very creative new endeavor, Camp Blood, overflows with beautiful quirkiness and horror pop properties, and sets the tone for the summery slasher terror which is about to follow. 

The rest of the first part's total of five new tracks, all comes in the spirit of the project's storytelling nature, with direct and engaging lyrics, earworming melodies, concise lengths, and the duo's arresting signature analog sound.

Terror in the Night was recorded to tape in Fascinations Grand Chorus' hometown, and produced by the duo themselves, together with Dennis Pierce.

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