Sunnbrella: It's Cool

Led by the Prague-born, London-based musician, David Zbirka, Sunnbrella emerge like a fresh and solid successor act to the grunge-tinged shoegaze sound of the nineties, in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Smashing Pumpkins and Teenage Fanclub. 

The band's new single, It's Cool, is indeed cool, as well as sharp sounding and astute, and it was recorded mostly over lockdown, in part at home and then at Abbey Road Studios, co-produced with and mixed by Patrick James Fitzroy (Heavy Heart, Pixx), and mastered by Christian Wright (Radiohead, Bjork, Ariel Pink).

The track serves as a salutation to friendship and an effort to reinstate the word 'bro' as a term of endearment. The band reveals that the song was written as part of a drunken jam with Zbirka's friend and previous collaborator, Louise Ferguson, and features vocals from girlfriend, Claire Peng.

One of the most realized pieces in the rising group's path, It's Cool confirms Sunnbrella's continuous growth, and their natural transition from the lo-fi bedroom pop of their early material to something fully fledged and enthusing on every level.


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