Mary Anne's Polar Rig: Crash

Organic purveyors of raw, guitar-driven indie rock akin to the bitingness of Pixies and Pavement, Mary Anne’s Polar Rig very early on appear like a fine addition to the currently strong alt rock scene of Sweden which keeps producing auspicious, first class acts. The band gear up for the release of their debut album, and release new single, Crash, together with its accompanying video. 

"In short Crash is a song about the psycho-feelings you get when you first start seeing someone and all the hopes you build up in your head just to... BAM! have it all teared down again," frontwoman and songwriter, Malin Hofvander, comments on the new track.

Like the previous single, Your House, the new song comes with a vivid video, a little bloodier and more agitated than before, and notably consistent with the music's tenseness, made by Ebba Gustafsson Ă…gren.

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