Fresh band, MIHI NIHIL, emerge with a well crafted alternative rock sound and style of songwriting which mainly pulls from nineties guitar-driven indie rock. On their newest single, I Eat You, the band takes a more straightforward punk direction reminiscent of the spirit of the late seventies, and bands like Destroy All Monsters and MC5, mingled with the alternative angle of early Sonic Youth. The new song's theme combines fantasy horror with a lot of wit, as its lyrical content points to consumer culture, and it arrives just in time for the Halloween celebrations.

For I Eat You, their third release so far, the band cites influence from the film work of Nobuhiko Obayashi, and its accompanying video salutes skate culture, as well as the group's favorite art and stop animé films, and it was directed by Colin H. Clark

MIHI NIHIL are composed of self-taught alternative musicians, Adam Alt (drums), Nick Steinberg (bass) and Benjamin Montoya (guitar), together with NYC opera classical singer, Mihi Vox whose college nickname became the band's name. 

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