Soft Kill: Pretty Face

Pretty Face is the second single off the forthcoming album by Portland post punk band, Soft Kill. Dead Kids, R.I.P. City arrives November 20th, 2020 through Cercle Social Records.

The new song has that exact dark post punk aura which has established Soft Kill as one of the finest of their kind, with its upbeat sound emerging interestingly contradictory to the lyrical content's glumness.

The band's own, Tobias Grave, explains the song's origin: "Pretty Face was written immediately after finding out about the loss of our friend Zachary Delong. It recounts some time we spent together on the edge of oblivion, late 2011 into the first weeks of 2012. Survivors guilt pouring out into song form."

Grave also edited the creative lyric video which comes with the song, and was filmed by Nicole Colbath. He comments: "We shot this to be a lyric video but we worked in some scenes, starting in Washington and traveling into the far north section of Portland, stopping by the abandoned dog track at Portland Meadows and ending at the motel made famous by Drugstore Cowboy. The imagery will resonate with some, I'm sure. The song is one we've played live for two years and it's got a big cult following without ever having a studio version circulating."

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