Batavia: Quite Mean Spirited (Leæther Strip Remix)

With a typified industrial metal, gothic pop and darkwave approach akin to the genre's prime in the nineties, Jacksonville dark act, Batavia, composed of Terri and Ed Cripps, recently released their latest EP, Quite Mean Spirited.

The EP includes six tracks, from which the spirited title track catches the ear as one of the highlights, alongside the lively take on The Jesus and Mary Chain's Upside Down. As the rest of the release explores more sounds from industrial, post punk and new wave, expanding its diversity and laying out the duo's gothic pop cultivation, it's that lively remix of the title track by the great Leæther Strip which closes the EP, pushes everything over the edge and it becomes that incorporeal bridging between the present and the past, both of which come copiously in what comprises the dark art of Batavia.

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