Black Wing: Bollywood Apologetics

Dan Barrett from Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey, and Enemies List Home Recordings, revives his dark electronica project, Black Wing, which will be delivering the follow up to 2015's .​.​.​Is Doomed, once again through The Flenser. The new album, No Moon, arrives on December 11th, 2020.

"Quarantine was profoundly isolating," Barrett explains how in the time of the lockdown he became able to finish the album for which he had previously begun writing. "With writing this record, more than anything I just wanted to prove to myself that I could make something out of it. That ended up being a lot of songs about feeling isolated, a lot of ‘trapped in my own head’ moments.  I think that was a lot of people’s experience as well."

Bollywood Apologetics begins the album to a stately start, showcasing the indie pop sensibilities of Barrett's electronic sound combined with an obvious proclivity toward exploration, bringing on an overall overly affecting after-effect.

Artist photo by Oakseeder

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