Mary Anne's Polar Rig: Your House

Fronted by Malin Hofvander, indie rock quartet Mary Anne’s Polar Rig began in 2016 and released their first single, Surfaced, in 2018, to be followed by their full length debut, Makes You Happy, a collection of songs written between 2016 and 2019.

The band originally came together when drummer Philip Lindsko discovered Hofvander's home recordings online. The two were later joined by Harald Ingvarsson (guitar) and Jesper Olsson (bass), and the quartet was eventually formed, fully fledged.

"Having a potential rock band in front of me, a childhood dream come true, really inspired me to write new songs that would go with the setting and sound that we had created," Hofvander says.

First single, Your House, is a direct piece of slacker rock frankness and lo-fi qualities which puts on display the band's warm delivery and their intrinsic sentimentalism, rolling out an appealing sound which the band accurately describe with the term "fuzz pop". The song comes with a fun, picturesque clip filmed by Oskar Rydlinger and edited by Ebba Gustafsson Ågren.

Makes You Happy will be out through Swedish label, Feverish, and the first example off it suggests great songwriting above all.

"Some of them I wrote when we started the band nearly 5 years ago," Hofvander explains about the album's content. "I was only 16, living at home with my parents, going to high school, discovering Malmö for real, constantly meeting new people, falling in and out of love. That's what I did at the time and it was also what I mostly wrote about."


Band photo by Ebba G. Ågren

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