D//E Premiere: Jaded Juice Riders: Nowhere

Three years after their latest album, Bowl Cut, Californian lo-fi surf rockers, Jaded Juice Riders, return with new single, Nowhere, on BIRTHDIY, the eclectic lo-fi label run by Spirit Goth Records.

True to the surf rock sound which has originated a few notable releases in a relative small period, the new song sounds like a fine continuation of the band's previous work, and finds Josh Hwang and Mateo Hwang making the most out of a plain and direct style of songwriting and fuzzy production, while coming up with a skater-themed DIY video which accompanies the music's candidness very well.

Having previously released works from VEDA, Teen Blush, Cathedral Bells and many more, BIRTHDIY is a consistently rising new imprint whose catalog is definitely worth exploring.

Spirit Goth

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