Mamalarky: Schism Trek

Los Angeles psych pop band, Mamalarky, signed to Fire Talk Records last year and have been on a steady run of singles, up until the announcement of their anticipated debut album which came together with the unveiling of their new track, Schism Trek. The band's self-titled full length releases November 20th, 2020.

"Schism Trek explores feelings of acceptance and strength while navigating uncharted waters," says frontwoman Livvy Bennett on the new single. "At the time my bandmates and I were all touring in different projects and yearning for time with each other and our loved ones! But ultimately we all came out stronger as individuals and as a unit. It speaks to how unfair it is to be loving someone from a distance, and the grounding power of focusing inward and trying to let go of control during lonely, tumultuous times. Relax your jaw and love yourself, your time with friends will come soon!"

Mamalarky are composed of Bennett who was once the bassist for Cherry Glazerr, keyboardist Michael Hunter of White Denim, bassist Noor Khan and drummer Dylan Hill. Their psych pop sound enters jazzier and more soulful territories, and remains consistently creative instrumentally and structurally, as all their recent material attests.

The video for Schism Trek was shot and put together by the band themselves.


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