Magick Mountain: The Creeper

Leeds three piece. Magick Mountain, follow the punk rock fury of their recent previous single, Infinity X2, with the the more measured, steadier and overall more colorful psychedelic rocker The Creeper, which comes in a sludgier tone, and shows the band's prowess for a dense heavy rock sound.

"Sleep is as weird as it is natural" the band comment. "The Creeper tells a story about that space in-between being awake and asleep, between dreams and reality, between nightmares and your own brain. With this track we wanted to write a slower, more repetitive track, so the listener feels like they are moving through their own fuzzy sleep cycles. Watch out for The Creeper, he'll entice you back into that in-between place that's hard to escape..."

Weird Feelings, the debut album by Magic Mountain releases on October 23rd, 2020, and it draws much inspiration from mythology, surrealism and fantasy, applying the band's heaviness and their musical venturesomeness to something equal to contrasting dimensions and many different interpretations. As the band put it, it's "a kind of bastardisation of tales and beliefs, blending together past, present and future."

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