D//E Premiere: Leizure: Sylvia's Comedown

Copenhagen's Leizure keep delivering an exceedingly avantgardistic version of post punk and new wave, organically becoming one of the genre's most auspicious fresh acts. The band's brand new single and video, Sylvia's Comedown, is a beautiful melange of dark energy and raw nerve, and it draws inspiration from a cultivated literary influence.

"I had just read Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar when we worked on the track, and I was captivated by her poetic depiction of a breakdown, and by the tragic character, controlled by her depression, mania and imbalance," says frontman  Zakarias Sanderson whose croon comes forth as impressive as every time, wholly genuine while redolent of dark punks like Nick Cave and Iceage. It's a strong complement to the band's brilliant and very much daring instrumentals which go beyond the genre's expected forms to ultimately constitute an commendable post punk creation.

Sylvia's Comedown follows the previous single, Caveman, and comes ahead of the band's anticipated debut album, releasing in Fall 2020, around the time when they are also expected to headline the iconic Copenhagen venue Loppen on October 10th, 2020. The new song arrives attached to an arresting, stark visual of equivalently dark aesthetics. 

Band photo by Christabelle Beaudry

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