History: Fiscal Year

After nearly a decade from its initial initiation, a new art punk project sees the light of day composed of a couple of familiar faces. Daisy Caplan from Lung and Foxy Shazam, and Leo Ashline from Street Sects are History, an act that wrote and recorded its first material in 2011, in the course two days, in a basement in Louisville, KY. Since then the two participating artists have gone a long way, with Ashline overcoming drug addiction, committing to sobriety and achieving a whole lot with Street Sects, while Caplan saw his popular band going on hiatus as he pursued other projects.

The Flenser will be releasing History's early material on October 16th, 2020 as a digital release with physical copies available exclusively to Flenser Series Two members. The band is expected to emerge sporadically as an ongoing project.

First single, Fiscal Year, carries the exact art punk rawness anyone would anticipate based on the act's rocky history combined with the big amount of talent involved.

Artist photo by Angela Betancourt

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