Lacto-Ovo: Black and White Cats

Taking indie pop quirkiness to the next level, and coming forth with a multifarious, genre-bending sound which has always been tough to place, Melbourne's Lacto-Ovo emerged in the late nineties, and released two albums in 2000 and 2001 before going on a pretty extensive break.

After twenty whole years Lacto-Ovo return with new music on the horizon, and their classic indie obscurities reissued and available on the streaming services for the first time through the seminal Aussie label Lost & Lonesome.

Between eccentric indie pop, mellow synthpop, noise rock dirt and post rock expansiveness, Lacto-Ovo know no constraints, and the result of the band's inherent open-mindedness a couple of underappreciated albums which constitute much of an exciting listen, without sounding flaunting nor pretentious in any way.

Black and White Cats is the lead single off Lacto-Ovo's self-released debut, Shoes & You, a warm piece of Stereloab-esque lo-fi synthpop which sees the band excelling through their signature ultra melodious nonconformity. Shoes & You was followed a year later by Tsunami Pop which came out on Lost & Lonesome.

Ange Clark, Jim McDonald, Tim Spelman and Gina Pilven were the band's original lineup, with Jonathan Edmonds (replacing Pilven on drums) and Ben Bourke joining later on.


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