D//E Premiere: Idle Pilot: Terminus

Balancing Act, the coming album by Boston noise rock trio, Idle Pilot, will be out in its entirety on September 9th, 2020, and Terminus is the second single unveiled off it, following the noisier, Blind Initiation, and becoming available to the world for the first time right below.

On Terminus Idle Pilot play around with their more melodious side and a more traditional way of writing. The band's performance remaining steadily ardent, especial on the vocal front, although it may come as a bit of a twist that the tone is way more somber than what their audience would commonly expect. The gritty sound of the instrumentals channel with ease the grungier side of the nineties, some subtle prog influences, and as anticipated the cream of the American noise rock and post hardcore crop. As the band remain on the more composed side of the usual loudness and nerviness that typifies their sound, they once again make perfectly clear how much of effective songwriters and performers they can be.

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