Foxxxy Mulder: Pyre / Other Worlds

Seattle duo Foxxxy Mulder's sound has always been multifarious and kind of tough to pinpoint, yet, the band found a way to take that interesting complexity of their songwriting and production a step further.

Foxxxy Mulder's upcoming album, #312371(, is part dreamy beat tape and part goth industrial record, built around samples from their previous record, Heretic, from 2018, converted into something completely new.

Two tracks have just been unveiled off the coming LP. Pyre leans toward a dark industrial sound which even borders on techno, harsh noise and power electronics, and for it the band cite influence from acts like Vatican Shadow, Phase Fatale, and Head Technician, while the smoother and more easily digestible, Other Worlds, alludes to the sampling techniques of hip-hop pioneers, J Dilla and Madlib.

Quite go-getting and open minded in essence, Foxxxy Mulder's re-exploration of their older material showcases a daring act which takes the chance to think out of the box, and has a lot of atypical creativity in its DNA.

Foxxxy Mulder is David Kumler and Kori Hensell. #312371( releases October 2nd, 2020.

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