Shitbats: Let Me Go

Coming from London, Ontario, the sophisticatedly named, Shitbats, is a dynamic quartet which has emerged with very strong debut single of pure punk rock vitality. Let Me Go is part of the band's upcoming full length, GUANO, which arrives October 16th, 2020.

The new band finds country folk singer Cat Clyde in a completely different mode from her main act, but with the same straightforward rock 'n' roll spirit intact and quite prominent.

Shitbats' direct punk rock is all nervy and radical, expressive of the genre's timeless qualities and its dirt, comparable to the rawness of sixties proto punk and garage rock, together with the fresh energy of acts like Amyl & The Sniffers and Destroy Boys.

Shitbats are composed of Cat "Shit Commander" Clyde, Mitch "Fair Squire" Decaire, Strummer "Troll Smasher" Jasson, and Dan "Cyclops Tamer" Serre.


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