Kraków Loves Adana: Darker Darkness

Kraków Loves Adana step very firm on the darker side of their sound, lyrical content and overall aesthetics, and their titles confirm their propensity toward a more wistful and deeper type of darkness.

Darker Darkness is the latest single and album closer off the coming full length, Darkest Dreams, and it comes with one of the most picturesque videos the band has offered thus far.

"This song is for everyone who ever fell victim to someone abusing their power, be it physically, emotionally or otherwise," explains songwriter, producer and vocalist Deniz Çiçek. "It is a song for those whose empathy, good will & introversion has been taken advantage of & been mistaken for weakness too many times. People forget that if you want to live an authentic life, pain and suffering is inevitable. There lies great power within feeling deeply & having the courage to embrace your own darkness."

As Darkest Dreams, Kraków Loves Adana's fifth, keeps shaping up as the most realized and fascinating record to date, each of its singles stand out resolutely on their own. 

Darkest Dreams releases September 25th, 2020.


Artist photo courtesy of Kraków Loves Adana

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