Bestial Mouths: THE FALLS

Dark, elegant and bold aesthetically like every time, a new video comes attached to The Falls, the opening cut off the splendid new album by Bestial Mouths, RESURRECTEDINBLACK.

"If what we think or feel or see is never real—what is it? Where is it? The descent is Ascension, as we go beneath, splitting open the raw shadows where Truth might lie," shares Lynette Cerezo, the creative force behind Bestial Mouths, who has relocated permanently to the US, and released what seems to be one of the most superlative releases in the project's catalog.

RESURRECTEDINBLACK follows the same industrial/electonica path set last year by the INSHROUDSS EP, and reveals how Bestial Mouths continue slanting toward exploration while staying true to the act's deep darkwave origins.

Artist photo by Sandy Holmes

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