Camila Fuchs: Moon's Mountain

Portugal's Camila Fuchs reveal a second track and video from their upcoming album, Kids Talk Sun, expected out November 13th, 2020 on Felte. The exploratory strangeness of the previous single, Sun, is now followed by the vibrant, artfully complex and multi-colored, Moon's Mountain, another fine exercise in modern psychedelia.

The album was produced by genre veteran Peter Kember of Spacemen 3 and Sonic Boom, who's also worked with many other artists, most prominently Beach House, MGMT, Panda Bear and Moon Duo.

Camila Fuchs remark: "Moon’s Mountain is the song that references moments and places during this time: experiencing psychedelics, encountering days with odd colored skies, the moon drawing the mountain we see from afar, the non-need of being careful, Pete coming by and dropping off plants at our doorstep morning after morning, sitting and waiting for the music making to start, the love that spread from day to day."


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