Cherry Slide: Right Now

The grungy shoegaze and dreampop sound which New York through Britain artist, Cherry Slide aka Dale Humphries, laid out in the very fine debut that was his self-titled record from last year, now takes a bit of a more upbeat and moderately hopeful direction through the new single, Right Now.

"This song is a representation of everything being exactly as it should be right now," the artist describes. "An upbeat tune that represents a sense of completeness in life," and that intention seems to be well met, since the song, an engaging composition presented through a driven performance and solid means of production and instrumentation, makes for an exciting listen for it's five and a half-minute total.

Right Now comes paired to the lo-fi psychedelic pop of Miracle Eye, which presents a bit of a different aspect of the artist's writing, a little more reticent, still no less charming.

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