D//E Premiere: Weathering: Chimera

Weathering's coming two-song release has been recently introduced with the band's excellent rendition of Depeche Mode's Blue Dress. The EP's side-A features the original song, Chimera, which comes with a wonderful DIY video of indie horror aesthetics, and streams for the first time below.

Chimera is a deeply moody and dreamlike shoegazer akin to the well fleshed out and acutely produced sound for which Weathering have stood out thus far, yet, this time the Sacramento band's songwriting appears even dolefuler and more poignant, while their wistful lyrics become a perfect companion to the music's sweet despondency.

Regardless of the fact that every piece in the band's brief catalog up to this point is more than worth exploring, Chimera, sounds and feels like the absolute representation of Weathering's shoegaze and dreampop flair. Even compared to their heavier and louder pieces, this won't be very easy to shake off once it grasps the listener's attention.

Artist photo courtesy of Weathering

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