True Faith: Feel

Only a few days after the release of their very fine self-titled debut EP, Boston darkwave act, True Faith, offer the first example off their coming self-titled album which will be out on their own Annals Imprint.

Feel is a moody Joy Division-esque cut which also brings to mind the dark cloudiness of New Order's first album, as well as the whole of new wave and synthpop's perplexion, and the entire genre's equilibrium between darkness and elation. It's one of the duo's most memorable, melodious and tactfully structured individual pieces thus far, and a model darkwave piece which raises expectations for the coming album's entirety.

True Faith  are Travis Benson and Quentin Moyer. The new song comes with a balmy DIY video, filmed by Kelsey Benson, and edited and directed by the band.

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