Rebelmatic: Blood and Gold

The very much vibrant sound of punk band, Rebelmatic, calls back to the glory days of New York hardcore, its rebellious spirit and the fine subculture which came with it. The band will be delivering their next album, Ghost in the Shadows, on August 28th, 2020 through the newly founded Red Right Recordings, and it has already been introduced with a couple of powerful singles.

With an energetic video which depicts the band's electrifying live presence and the strong punch of their shows, Blood and Gold comes representative of the archetypal hardcore punk sound and distinctive song structures, as well as the positive mindset in Rebelmatic's writing, together with the evident drive in the delivery; all qualities which have made HR from Bad Brains and Angelo Moore from Fishbone outspoken admirers of the band.

The video for Blood and Gold was directed by Steve Pedulla, from Thursday, and produced by Mark O'Connell from Taking Back Sunday and Daniel Wallace.


Band photo by Jihad AbdulSabur

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