Toxaemia: Pestilence

One of old school death metal's best kept secret's, Swedish band, Toxaemia, return to settle what they left unfinished in 1992 when they ended their original run. Having gone through lineup changes, and after an almost thirty-year break, the band will be releasing their first album, Where Paths Divide, on November 20th, 2020.

New track, Pestilence, is a paradigm of brutal old school death metal, fast paced and structurally elaborate, vocally absolutely arresting, and overall fascinating for reasons that go beyond mere nostalgia, and lie more on factors such as the band's technical intricacy, the production's supremacy, and the vehemence that the veteran group's performance plainly conveys.

Fans of Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Autopsy and the like could be puzzled as to why Toxaemia never made it to the genre's big leagues, as it becomes apparent through this dynamic reemergence that when it comes to the genre's finest they tick all the boxes.

"This song is truly representative of the whole album, it is a song we all worked on together," the band explain. "To say it wrote itself is maybe an exaggeration, but it certainly came together very easily once we had all the components in place. Pestilence is a song that can be interpreted in quite a few ways. The plague can represent certain aspects of society today, toxic people in your life, or it's just a song about the plague. We try not to tell people what the lyrics are all about."


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