ONBC: A New England

An indie folk classic from 1983, Billy Bragg's A New England is a piece strongly associated with the great songwriter's early career, as well as that of Kirsty MacColl who came up with a more accessible and embellished rendition of the song, and led it to mainstream chart success.

The song has been covered numerous times by punk, ska and alternative rock bands since, and now it arrives processed by Danish band, ONBC, whose version is slower, dreamier and more vocal-centered than any of the previous interpretations.

Closer to MacColl's version than the stripped back rawness of Bragg's original, ONBC's A New England is part of a new EP of covers the band will be releasing on September 18th, 2020, ahead of their coming album of originals scheduled for next year.

ONBC Camilla Florentz (vocals, bass), Tanja Forsberg Granhøj Simonsen (vocals, keys), Mikkel Max Jorn (guitar) and Ivan Petersen (drums).

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