Stuck: Invisible Wall

Stuck are a new band from Chicago with a very much sharp, angering and nervy post punk sound, drawing from both the genre's vanguard and its relative connection to noise rock to come up with something really unfeigned.

The band started as a side project for Greg Obis, formerly of indie rockers Yeesh and Clearance, in an attempt to explore more post punk territories. He enlisted Chicagoan musicians, bassist David Algrim (Gentle Heat), guitarist Donny Walsh (Surveillance, Krozer), and drummer Tim Green (Furbie) who round out Stuck's lineup and bring the band's vision to full realization. The band released their debut album, Change Is Bad, earlier in 2020 through Born Yesterday Records.

Punk sophistication and strong lyricism are the mightiest properties of what makes Stuck stand out from the majority of the batch of contemporary post punk bands, and their existentialist nature is what seems to be absolutely defining them, instigating comparisons to acts like Wire, Gang Of Four and Pere Ubu.

Greg Obis songwriting channels the his own sincere unease, having gone through a big amount of grief and personal loss which caused and stirred new emotions in his life during the last few years, all well expressed and enhanced through his driven and also theatrical delivery.

Right before I started writing, I saw The Jesus Lizard at Metro. Seeing a 59-year-old guy run out into the audience screaming with every song was incredible. I wanted to channel as much David Yow as I could. It influenced the aesthetics of how I approached my style of playing,” says Obis. “When you’re onstage, you have to overact and deliver at 150% because only 75% is going to be communicated to an audience.

Off the band's debut, Invisible Wall, reflects on the constraints of human consciousness, and finds the band at their most agitated and worrisome.


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