Rats and Daggers: Vampires

Rising gritty garage rockers, Rats and Daggers, punch in strongly with a new horror-themed single, and a sound which feels like a sludgier version of the punk rock dynamism of timeless bands like Misfits and The Runaways.

Vampires is based on the very much down to earth subject of having bad friends, yet, without having a completely novelty character it becomes a special introductory piece for the band through its framing in a totally idealistic fantasy horror concept, while it also appears like an ideal selection for any new Halloween-themed playlists.

Expect a pair of impassioned vocal deliveries, memorable riffs and steady rhythms in an overall well constructed and expressed result that clearly puts the band's verve on view.

Rats and Daggers are also responsible for organizing Beware of Banshees, a womxn powered one-day festival in the band's hometown of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Rats and Daggers are composed of Imara Speek and Nienke van Duuren on vocals, and also guitar and bass respectively, together with Ray Kornet on drums.


Photo by Reinier van Olderen

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