Eyesore & The Jinx: The Exile Parlour EP

Liverpool post punk band, Eyesore & The Jinx, earned a lot of well deserved praise with the early singles which came ahead of their debut EP, The Exile Parlour, which is freshly out through Eggy Records, an upcoming DIY label that acts as a co-operative of like-minded creatives.

Following a direct and organic path, the band write about everyday life and illustrate modern life in Britain by way of fictional characters brought to life through witty lyrics and a rather nervy post punk sound. The Exile Parlour EP was produced by Girl Band's Daniel Fox whose credits as a producer have started to expand, and its four tracks sound exceedingly sharp and inventive, even though they don't appear very far from post punk's archetypal wiriness and its traditional ways.

"The EP consists of four songs, each from the perspective of four equally uninhibited characters whose various disclosures unfold in front of the ever shifting backdrop of The Exile Parlour," says Josh Miller, bassist and singer of Eyesore & The Jinx. "A fictional space, where the private seeps seamlessly into the public, and pleasures are pursued unflinchingly."

Record opener, Leisure Time, is a rhythmic tension builder which calls to mind no wave's peculiar funk, while Nightlife evokes the jumpy avant-gardism of Public Image Ltd in a very much coherent manner. Dinner, in the Exile Parlour is one of the lyrically heavier and overall most venturous pieces of the four, while the lengthiest of them, EP closer, The Ballad of Big Joe, seems to be channeling from the influential darkness of The Birthday Party to come through as a very much imposing epilogue to an overall striking and very much ambitious release.

Eyesore & The Jinx are Josh Miller (vocals, bass), Liam Bates (guitar) and Eoghan Robinson (drums).


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