Pram Of Dogs: Teeth

Pram Of Dogs is a new London-based experimental/minimal electronica project which right off the bat emerges in a very impressive way, with an astonishing first piece and a staggering cinematic visual.

Teeth is an exemplar of minimal ambiance with a very strong cinematic feel and layered synth sounds that build steadily into something immensely grand, and in all its starkness the piece reveals a lot about the new act's character and aim. Utilizing reel to reel recording techniques and making the most out of analog vintage synths, Pram Of Dogs comes forth with an engaging sound of which it's clearly evident that film music has been a strong determinant.

Teeth is part of Pram Of Dogs' debut album, Matter - Anti, described as "a score to a film that doesn’t exist". The album will be the first ever release by Phantom Limb imprint Spirituals, a new label which will center on digital releases of instrumental, ambient-leaning works by musicians from all over the world.

Matter - Anti is expected out in its entirety on September 18th, 2020.

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