Synthvvitch: Potters Field

Synthvvitch is a one-man project from Rochester, NY, which mingles heavy synths and extreme black metal in the deftest of ways, coming across with a truly DIY feel and mindset, and an intricate sound safe to call post black metal. The productive act has already put out three releases this year of which the latest is the cunningly titled, baby, the inferno is here now.

Potters Field is a quite brilliant album highlight, a profoundly emotive piece which evens bleakness with exuberance, and whose sentimentality is characteristic of the overall animation and intensity which Synthvvitch's sound emits. The artist describes: "The overall feel and theme behind the song deals with growing older and accepting you are not who you hoped to become. Giving up your dreams and losing your innocence to the harsh reality that is adulthood."

Rawer than Deafheaven, as heartfelt as Botanist, and more direct than Bosse-de-Nage, Synthvvitch is definitely a project with a lot of ideas at hand, more of which keep being unfurled with each release. Purists frequently wallow in questioning what lies ahead for this hybrid genre, its existence, its philosophy and value, and in many cases they make good points condemning it. If post black metal has a future, this is probably it.


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