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Camila Fuchs is an experimental duo based in Portugal, consisting of Camila De Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini. Their upcoming album, Kids Talk Sun, will be out November 13th, 2020 on Felte, and it has just been introduced by the avantgardistic and kaleidoscopic art pop delight of Sun and its accompanying video made of beautiful, abstract visuals.

A call for heat, for warmth, energy, and life,” the duo describe the new song, and continue to offer more insight on its concept and intent. “We imagine a new utopian civilization has arrived where kids are protected by the sun. The sun at the frontline, shielding and loving. Sun is a celebration for nature. A calling for its strength.

Two years ago, we spent a couple of months teaching electronic music to young kids in Brazil. We showed them how to build contact microphones and how, eventually, they could record and alter those sounds by using electronics. The experience was complex in so many ways that it was hard reaching out to the kids. The violent social environment that surrounded them meant they had unknowingly built behavioral shields to protect themselves. This song is inspired from our time there. 

The song establishes nature as the primary realm for the album; nature as something giving, but not only through its resources. It delves into this relationship on an emotional level too.

Kids Talk Sun will be Camila Fuchs' third album, following 2016's Singing From Fixed Rung and Heart Pressed Between Stones from 2018, and it was produced by the acclaimed Peter Kember of Spacemen 3 and Sonic Boom fame. With naturalistic intentions, the album was recorded outside Lisbon, near the sea and in the wilds.

Producing this album was different to anything else we’ve ever done before,” Laborde explains. “The methods used, and atmosphere were new. We worked for the first time with a producer, Pete Kember - someone we truly admire and look-up to. We were open, 100% letting go, and didn’t once think of the result until the very end when mixing the album. We went with the flow, allowing any change to happen and new directions to spin.


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