Hideous Sun Demon: Distractions

Having released three full lengths and a couple of EPs thus far, and having gone through multiple line up changes and a change of home-base by moving from Perth, now Melbourne's Hideous Sun Demon keep coming across as a very fresh and daring voice for contemporary punk rock, showing signs of influence from the genre's both past and present.

Distraction is the trio's newest single, a high-powered piece which overflows with post punk and synthpunk verve, and finds the band channeling the angst and the nerve for which modern times call, while utilizing the most of a more electronic and synth-heavy style of production, giving rise to something direct and very much audacious.

While the darker direction suits the band's sound extremely well, Hideous Sun Demon's artifice to come forth with intricate, yet, immediate and easy to take in compositions is still a very strong attribute and one the catalysts for the band's appeal.

Band photo by James Morris

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